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Cell Phone Repair Orlando

Best Cell Phone Repair in Orlando


Why Cell Phone Repair Orlando MetroPCS

At Cell Phone Repair Orlando   we do many different of  types of repairs, hardware and software. For example we do screen repairs, iphone repairs, galaxy repairs, ipad repairs, device unlocks and more. We see anywhere from $5,000~$10,000 worth of phones pass through our hands every single day. We are not here to con people and or waste there money. We at Cell Phone repair Orlando are here for the long run and thus are doing this the right way. 

Sure, there may be others that are doing this…but since cell Phone Repair Orlando has been here we have already seen over many other so called techs, come and go. Obviously they were doing something wrong, or did something wrong…whatever the case, they’ve come and gone. Well, Cell Phone Repair Orlando MetroPCS is  still here, to continue giving REAL people REAL solutions.

At Cell Phone Repair Orlando we also back-up our  repair work with a 60 day limited warranty. We have an experienced trained repair staff. So come on by and be worry free and get back your device and a refreshed smile at Cell Phone Repair Orlando your trusted cell phone repair option in the area.


Cell phone repair orlando

cell phone repair orlando

  • High Quality Grade AA Parts
  • Specially Trained Staff On Apple and Samsung Products
  • 60 Day Limited Warranty
  • Same Day Repairs
  • And Lots More!



We look forward to providing you with great service, Thanks, CEO Cell Phone Repair Orlando MetroPCS

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